Publications and Talks

Articles and Conference Papers

  • Shaffer, Kris, Esther Vasiete, Brandon Jaquez, Aaron Davis, Diego Escalante, Calvin Hicks, Joshua McCann, Camille Noufi, and Paul Salminen. (2019). “A Cluster Analysis of Harmony in the McGill Billboard Dataset.” Empirical Musicology Review (In Press).
  • Noufi, Camille, Adam C. Lammert, Daryush D. Mehta, James R. Williamson, Gregory Ciccarelli, Douglas Sturim, Jordan Green, Thomas F. Campbell, and Thomas F. Quatieri. (2019). “Vocal biomarker assessment following pediatric traumatic brain injury: A retrospective cohort study.” Proc. INTERSPEECH 2019, Graz, Austria. (Oral presentation).
  • Noufi, Camille, Vidya Rangasayee, Sarah Ciresi, Jonathan Berger and Blair Kaneshiro. (2019). “A Model-Driven Exploration of Accent Within the Amateur Singing Voice.” Machine Learning for Musical Discovery Workshop, International Conference on Machine Learning, June 2019. (Oral Presentation).
  • Noufi, Camille. (2017). “Identification of Singing Style Techniques Through Spectral Analysis.” Extended Abstracts for the Late-Breaking Demo Session of the 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Suzhou, China, October 2017. (Poster presentation).

Invited Talks / Presentations

  • Noufi, Camille. “Vocal biomarker assessment following pediatric traumatic brain injury.” Hearing Seminar (MUSIC 319), Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford, CA. March 2019. (Invited Talk).
  • Noufi, Camille, Mason Darveaux, Andrew Lockwood, Paul Brunette, David Borski, Jim Love. (2017). “RotoVision: A Rotational LED Hologram.” Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Exposition, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. (Poster Presentation and Demo).
  • Noufi, Camille, Youjian Liu. (2017). “Collaborative Intelligent Radio: RF Environment Understanding.” NSF-REU Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Exposition, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. (Poster Presentation).