"The Furies: A LaptOpera"

A LaptOpera? What the heck is that? Simply, an interactive laptop opera!

The first of it's kind, but drawing in many years of Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLork)composition for gesture-controlled electronics, the LaptOpera aims to augment the classical "total art" concept of opera with the modern affordances of human-computer interaction.

And while society has transformed immensly since the introduction of the digital/electronic world we all now live in, some aspects of humanity can still be re-addressed through art just as they were 2500 years ago. Our LaptOpera retells "Electra," the tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. By creating artful interaction between computer and human, between classical and contemporary, we hope to ask these timeless questions of the human experience through a radically new lense.

Act 1 (Premiering December 7 & 8, 7pm at The Stage @ CCRMA)

Act 2 (In progress! Premiere in late February.)

Act 3 (Premiered at Bing Concert Hall, June 9, 2019):