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Camille Noufi

musician - engineer - explorer




Musical Works





I am fascinated by the connection between the arts, technology and their impact on the human experience. Growing up in the beautiful state of Colorado, I was immersed in music, science and nature. From a young age I have observed the scientific side of arts, the artistic side of science, and their ability to help us foster deeper connections to ourselves as well as to others and the world around us.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of this connection, I obtained a degree with honors in Electrical & Computer Engineering with an emphasis in signal processing from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Additionally, I spent two years as a voice major in the College of Music and directed a premier collegiate a cappella group.

I am now combining my knowledge in both fields to explore tangible ways music and sound technologies can further social connection. My current work focuses on speech and singing signal processing.

Check out my portfolio above for an in-depth look into my work experience, research, compositions and other areas of interest! Also feel free to reach out via email about anything. I always enjoy connecting with new people!

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